Treppy and travel insurance

How to Sell Travel Insurance with Treppy

In today’s digital marketplace, people from all around the globe are able to access just about every service imaginable. So what if you could use a digital site to sell to people all over the world?
Call Treppy for all travel insurance needs

Your Website, Your Customers

Today, the brokers who have the best online presence are the ones who make the most money. Utilizing online platforms, travel insurance can be sold from anywhere to anyone in the world with an internet connection. 

But what if you don’t have a website or an online platform of any kind? That’s where partnering with us and choosing Treppy™ has an advantage! We are able to help set up websites and online selling platforms that are low-cost but give you a high-presence on the web. Check!

Sell Travel Insurance Worldwide

In most cases, there is no cost for brokers. Treppy™ functions as an MGA (Managing General Agent) and can enable brokers to optimize their revenue by opening up the world of online travel insurance sales. If you are interested in more details, please reach out to us and our agents will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Set Yourself Up for Success

After filling out all the forms on our set up pages,  we verify your email.  You will receive partnership contracts from our affiliated insurance companies. Once these contracts are signed, they will be returned to the  insurance companies for completion and approval. After that, you can customize your website to start selling travel medical policies. Spoiler alert: we are also happy to help you with this process.

Learn More About Selling Travel Insurance Globally

If you are a licensed independent insurance agent, you are likely already certified to sell travel insurance. Travel retailers and others in the travel industry can also learn more about the products and services Treppy™ has to offer.  To learn more about tapping into this market, please contact our team of licensed professionals who can help you get started selling travel insurance to people around the world.


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Due to increasing travel for the upcoming year both internationally and domestically, and the opportunity to earn significant sales percentages on each plan sold, travel and trip insurance can be exciting and lucrative additions to an insurance professional’s portfolio.
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