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How to Market and Sell Travel Insurance

The travel insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar a year market and continues to grow each year. With an increase in travel across the world and the steady rise of the travel insurance market, selling travel insurance is a no-brainer for agents, brokers, and retailers who are looking to expand their portfolio and increase revenue.
Sell insurance with Treppy

Travel insurance doesn’t have to be difficult to sell. Millions of people travel each year and health insurance while abroad is more important than ever. Treppy™ offers a platform and marketplace to sell travel insurance with ease. But how do you entice travelers into buying insurance? Here are some easy ways to show customers what a wise investment travel insurance can be for their health and peace of mind.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

When selling travel insurance, there are several benefits to focus on that can help customers understand the true value of having protection during their trip. Key benefits include:

  • Minimize risk: By purchasing travel insurance, customers can buy themselves peace of mind. With a small investment ahead of time, travelers can save themselves a lot of money, time and worry if they’re injured or become ill while abroad or if they face travel challenges such as trip cancellation or delay.
  • Maximize the trip experience: Travel insurance enables your customers to get the most out of their trip. Without the worry of unexpected travel health costs, travelers can focus on enjoying every minute of their time abroad.
  • Prioritize physical and financial health: By taking steps to insure themselves, travelers put their health and future into their own hands. Buying travel insurance gives them security if they have an emergency while away from home. They can seek medical care without worrying about their bank account and instead focus on health and healing.
  • Protect their travel costs: With trip insurance, a customer can secure nonrefundable costs they paid for their trip without worrying about losing money in the event that their flight is canceled, delayed, or interrupted.


Additionally, depending on the type of plan and policy purchased, travel insurance is relatively inexpensive and is a small investment compared to the coverage offered, which is why most travelers elect to buy a policy for their planned trip.

Why Sell Travel Insurance?

Post-pandemic, people across the world are ready and eager to travel again. The tourism industry is on the rise again, and the truth is, every traveler should be purchasing a travel insurance policy for any trip for ultimate security and peace of mind.

Other key facts to support selling travel insurance include:

  • Travel insurance is a $40 billion global opportunity each year
  • An $8 billion a year market in the U.S. alone
  • More than 50% of travelers plan to invest in travel insurance for their post-pandemic travel
  • The market increases each year


Another key advantage is that there are many policies on the market which offer different benefits, so there really is a plan for everyone. There are also two different types of travel protection plans – travel medical insurance and trip insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance becomes especially important for those who are traveling abroad. A visit to another country can be exciting, but in the event of an unexpected illness or injury, navigating medical care may be tricky and confusing. Additionally, some countries may have very high medical costs like in the United States which could potentially pose a huge financial burden in the event of needing hospital care. Having a travel medical insurance plan when traveling abroad can help customers through the process of receiving medical care and can offer coverage for eligible treatments and services.

Trip Insurance

Trip insurance is mainly designed to cover trip-related expenses in the event of some trip interruption. With severe weather conditions around the world and the rise in delayed and canceled flights, trip insurance can offer a customer protection of their nonrefundable travel costs. This can be a lifesaver, especially for those trips which cost thousands of dollars and for airline tickets which don’t offer refunds. This can include coverage for trip cancellation, missing a connecting flight, trip delay, accident and sickness, and more.

Sell with Treppy™

Now is the perfect time to add travel insurance to your portfolio. Treppy™ makes the process easy with our world-class agent experience. By selling travel insurance with Treppy™, you can:

  • Expand your marketplace opportunities
  • Leverage our frictionless e-commerce platform
  • Boost your commissions
  • Amplify your brand


Treppy™ is an online insurance API platform to help you start selling travel insurance fast. Our easy-to-use solution provides you with the tools you need to excel. Treppy’s™ world-class platform provides:

  • Global market access
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Stress-free set up
  • A+ portfolio of plans
  • Highest commissions available to agents
  • All at zero cost to you


Contact us here to get started. Once we verify your email, you will receive partnership contracts from our affiliated insurance companies and can begin setting up your agent portal.


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