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With so many types of insurance policies and plans available for all types of roles and interests, it’s hard to know what to focus on when going into sales.
With all of the travel headaches that can occur, it’s more important than ever to have a travel health insurance policy that includes trip delay, baggage loss, flight cancellation protection, and more. This is where a travel advisor is ready to help. 
Most people have dreamed of traveling somewhere, even if it’s to just ‘get away’ from it all. Bucket lists include far away destinations as well as tropical beaches and attempting the climbing of Mt. Everest. Okay, maybe not that adventurous, but suffice it to say, people have always yearned for some type of adventure that includes travel. And it would seem that it’s a growing interest that could bring in record sales revenue this next year. If you’re in the travel industry, it may be time to look into ways to help others with their dreams as well as adding to your monthly sales goals.
Due to increasing travel for the upcoming year both internationally and domestically, and the opportunity to earn significant sales percentages on each plan sold, travel and trip insurance can be exciting and lucrative additions to an insurance professional’s portfolio.
For many, traveling internationally is a huge goal and a large investment, it only stands to reason that travelers want to protect those investments. This opens up an exciting opportunity for those in the insurance business—travel insurance.
In today’s digital marketplace, people from all around the globe are able to access just about every service imaginable. So what if you could use a digital site to sell to people all over the world?


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Have questions? We’ve got the answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? A Treppy team member can help.

is a tech platform for licensed insurance agents and travel retailers who want to boost their sales in the travel insurance sector.

It provides a seamless user experience where agents can:

  • Connect with many travel insurance companies at once.
  • Integrate a robust quoting engine as an iFrame in their existing site, or on their customized Treppy
  • Update plans whenever insurers make changes to them.
  • Get ongoing training about the plans they offer.
  • Customize their site to match existing branding.

The sign-up process is easy.

  • You can sign up online and then verify your email.
  • You’ll receive partnership contracts from the insurance companies.
  • Once you and the insurance company both sign the contracts you can customize your site, and start selling travel medical policies.

Any Health Insurance license holder in any US state can sell the policies online to anyone in the world. However, the Florida Department of Insurance does require their agents to also hold a non-resident license in order to solicit business from Florida residents.

No, you do not have to pay anything to become a partner with Treppy.

We offer an above industry standard commission. The commission amount varies from product to product.

Once you’ve signed up and become active, you’ll have access to a sales dashboard that provides real-time data on policies sold daily. It also allows you to view sold policies on a weekly or monthly basis, and more.

You will get compensated directly by each individual insurance company on a monthly basis.

Currently Treppy works with top companies offering travel medical plans – International Medical Group (IMG), WorldTrips and Trawick International, and we are constantly working to add others.
There’s no need to maintain your webpage. Treppy updates it for you.

Yes, you would need to provide support directly to your customers. However, if you need assistance,you can always reach out to us.

If you are already signed up with one or more of the insurance companies and want to move to Treppy, you’d need to get approval from the insurance company to transfer as our sub-agent. Once you receive the approval, the insurance company will assign you as our sub-producer.